Tiny But Mighty Changes

I can admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve truly dedicated to this blog. I didn’t know that I would get so busy that I would just ‘forget’. Life has pretty much caught up to me and tiny but major things have been changing.

I thank God each day for the blessings I have and keep receiving. I’m not super into ‘new years resolutions’ and it’s funny that they aren’t usually mentioned until December into January. I just know there are areas of my life I can always improve on.

Edit while writing: truthfully, I just want a nap.

I’ve been slacking and I know it. It’s become more than just an ‘off-day’, especially with working out.

find no shame in starting over. find no shame in going back to the root and beginning again. find no shame in rerouting because the path you took no longer gives you life. find no shame in admitting that you make mistakes along the way. find no shame in starting over.

During this week ‘break’ I have set goals that I want to achieve, aside from completing papers and other assignments. After work (only MTW) my plan is to go home and maybe go on a walk or a run. My asthma is terrible this time of year so I’m not sure if a run is in my best interest but walking everyday for a week will instill a habit for me to keep going. I’m just noticing all that I worked hard for losing, I gained back, and if you don’t keep at the everyday routine, you fall into a pattern of being lazy.

next time you feel agitated because you are falling back into past patterns, remember that simply being aware that you have fallen back into repeating the past is a sign of progress. self-awareness comes before the great leap forward in your personal transformation.

The Reality of (My) Life

To be honest with myself, I need to not lie to myself (or this audience). Sure my life is ‘great’ (as great as it could be for the time… I’m very thankful); I’m not binge eating the way I was, I meal prep, I have a job, the people I’m surrounded by are incredible, I joined a club…but I’m noticing that I’m lagging.

I lag in applying myself everyday and I miss it. I miss the feeling of being proud to complete things and I need to start attacking this right now (while I’m self-aware). It’s difficult to understand the workings of my mind but, for me it’s as simple as saying “I’m lazy.” And I know when I am…my room is currently a mess and my mind is just as unorganized.

Do you ever just know how badass you are but then fall into a pit of self-doubt? A self-absorbed feeling..slowly, sinking, yet you’re doing everything you can to keep your head above water? I still show up for work, for class, for events…but I mentally check myself out once I’m in the comfort of my tiny space of an apartment.

This is the reality of my life.

I can sit here and blanket these thoughts, or that I “contemplated writing this because of the negative attention” (which, tbh I didn’t).

I’ve become so comfortable with this online journal of mine that

if I’m not totally honest,

what would be the point of having a blog?

I won’t sit here and tell you my life has been perfect since the changes I’ve made, but I can tell you I’ve progressed immensely. I can tell you that the little things I do for myself truly have a huge impact. I can tell you that sometimes it’s more than an “off day”…maybe it’s a few, or even a week.

This is why I needed to stop my series, because I can’t put on a front and act in la la land.

My life is too precious to be faked like that.

I can’t be the only one that understand this.

(We need to stop this trend of being okay with putting only the great things about our lives online and share those other miscellaneous, odd times. It doesn’t mean you’re auto labeled depressed or have a shit life… it makes you human.)

If we [a society] choose to live our lives online,

why wouldn’t you want to project your most truly authentic, honest self?

It takes more than a mantra or just a simple task. You really need to want your life badly enough to go after what you want. That’s still a learning process for me, and I accept that. However, I can sit here and accept it but it won’t change anything.

Failure is not an option.

Boss Babe: Balancing it All

In order to gain more knowledge, I need to allow time to run it’s course. With that said, this will be my final post in this series for awhile. Starting this blog by myself, I was surprised that in just a few months, my views have grown to almost 400! So I wanted to take the time to thank you for the love & support.

Balancing your entire life isn’t meant to be easy or simple. Life is difficult, stressful, and tiring. But, life is extremely beautiful, colorful, incredible, and if enough effort is applied, life will be successful. It’s not an outlook thing, it’s facts. Life is everything.

Maintaining your physical and mental self is very important. You’ll come to understand your own needs to keep your head above water.

Your life should reflect yourself; your endless possibilities, your successes, your failures, your greatness. Don’t shelter that.

I have begun to realize that it’s me, myself, and I in this life. Everything else can be either a positive or negative accessory, depending on choices. Think of it like adding charms to a bracelet. Each one uniquely made and designed for you, to benefit you.

It takes structure, being consistent, and great focus.

Be your own #1 biggest fan.

I feel like I could definitely add onto this however, your life is your life.

Take 100% control of it for your best interest.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

Boss Babe: Enjoy Your ‘Off Days’

It’s true, no one is perfect.

Even the most organized, most motivated people have their ‘off days’. Mine just so happened to be right after an intense weekend, Monday morning at 7:30 am (even though we had a 4 day week). I told myself, it’s just another day you can handle it… but s l e e p …. I’ll shoot a quick email to my professors and my boss and head back to bed. And so I did. I waited for the ‘okay’ replies and slept until about noon. Woke up, got myself together, made some lunch and immediately jumped on my assignments.

C’est la vie..Life happens.

We are meant to take breaks in life, sometimes they are a minor setback, while other times, absolutely necessary. Yes I’ll admit, I got a little lazy, causing me to cancel plans with a friend in that upcoming weekend so I could focus on priorities. That’s what happens and that’s the truth.

Looking back, I’m happy I chose the decision I did because it gave me a lot of time to ‘isolate’ myself to get sh*t done!

When you become self-aware you inevitably realize what you need to do to be successful.

I was actually glad to enjoy some time by myself though, it works out in many ways of getting more accomplished than what you had originally planned.

After I finished my assignments, I ended up finding recipes for meal planning (I got lazy with my ‘healthy lifestyle’ choices and needed to get back into it). I have 4 different dinners to last for each week in October which, saves me money & perfectly proportions my eating habits.

Sometimes a “day off” becomes a time for realization and planning. Like a restart button. Enjoy that.

Thursday will be my last post (for now) in this series: Balancing it All.

Boss Babe: Make That Money

Making Money Moves (according to urban dictionary), is used to describe a badass individual who works really hard to make moves in order to elevate their financial success, fame and or status.

I honestly (hate to say it), use this term loosely as a mantra LOL. More or less in a sense of, I know what I want and I’m going to go after it regardless of life challenges.

Alexa (which I don’t have), play 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

I see it, I like it, I want it, I’ll (eventually) get it.

It’s a process and starting small is okay! I didn’t think I would be working while in college but here I am; it’s truly a blessing to even work in a department for my school (the hours are extremely flexible with classes). However, even without the offer from my school, I would have (un-shamefully) checked a job listing for places like Walmart (or other retail stores).

The process isn’t supposed to be easy but I say this over and over; you have to want things bad enough to accept that a successful life comes with difficulties.

The point I’m trying to make is, you have to start early in the game. Sure, going to college is great for furthering education, etc. However, having a job on top of that, gives you more life skills and the capability to balance both (plus, a paycheck is extremely great to have). Which ties in with time management and organization.

Now, onto some real talk; Saving Money. Sure, you’ll feel like the rich b*tch you are but do you really need that new outfit? (sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself). I had to rebuild my wardrobe after losing some weight so yes, for me that was necessary however, that doesn’t mean each paycheck I need to spend every single penny. I have plans for Christmas vacation with my family, I don’t have a car, saving for my college loans, and my best friend and I want to move in together.

It’s important to build this now, your future self will thank you. So start by giving yourself an allowance, if you have enough self control you won’t need to restrict yourself to a savings account (although, I highly recommend). Just because it’s available, does not mean you should spend.

Start remembering that memories are more important to make rather than materialistic items; there are plenty of free, or cheap things to do in life by yourself or with others. It is key to understand that if you want that huge house with a gorgeous front yard (or whatever your dreams may be) you need to go out and get that job, it’s okay to start small but start thinking of the bigger picture. If you want that C.E.O position, go for it! All it takes is building to get there.

Next Tuesday: Enjoying Your ‘Off Days’.

Boss Babe: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a WOMAN healthy, wealthy, and wise

Fixing your sleep pattern is tough, I get it. However, quit making excuses and just do it!

I remember the nights of staying up until 3am wasting away with my thoughts. Waking up around noon (in actuality 2pm) the next day. I felt tired, gross, and rushed.

I had wasted a day of my precious life, a day that I didn’t mean to make lazy (not needed for my mental health). (No, it’s not that serious but it’s a great way of reasoning).

In theory, I thought; why keep putting stress on myself? This is my life, I decide where I want to lead. So I began with no eating past 6pm (went along with my healthy lifestyle progress), getting to bed by 9pm (being asleep at least by 10pm), and waking up for daily walks around 6am.

Becoming a ‘morning person’ wasn’t my goal, it was the idea of using my days and my time wisely. Personally, I’m a night owl but with school, work, balancing friendships, and my ‘me time’, wasted days became an issue.

Having that morning time be my ‘me time’ for watching the news, having breakfast, getting a tiny workout in, etc. It wasn’t easy switching my body to this schedule but somehow, I made it work.

Time is one of the best parts about life; but when we feel rushed, we don’t enjoy every moment, we feel like we are unable to accomplish great things.

The reactions I get from telling my friends that I start my days around 5am are quite funny to me. “I could never”, “you’re out of your mind”, “how do you function?”

It’s simple; get to sleep early you’ll end up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. I have since realized that if it hits a certain hour in the night and I still need to complete an assignment, it’s best for me to get some sleep and wake up early rather than push myself into those late hours.

This leads into my next topic: Making Money. Everything is a butterfly effect, once you start preparing now it will lead you to an extremely successful life (or so, I’m noticing).

Boss Babe: Organize Yourself

Time Management & Organization

I have always taken pleasure in writing something down and crossing it off once completed. Sure, I could write what I need to do in an online planner or my notes in my phone, but going along with my ‘goals’, having things written out is visually pleasing to see how much I am able to accomplish; I can turn back the pages of the past month and review how much effort was applied.

This planner holds my entire life; important dates, plans, homework, office work, errands I need to run. If there is anything to know about my life, it would be in this trusty little notebook.

As you can see, I consider myself “messy but organized”. Take a bedroom for example; walking through someone else’s room and seeing things scattered here and there, you ask the person “do you have (an object) that I could borrow?” You see them scan the room, ponder, and immediately find the thing you wanted. That is my planner, “messy but organized“.

Having a planner goes hand in hand with time management. This is a HUGE connection to being successful.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “this is self-explanatory, this is common-sense, why even bring this up?” To answer that: common-sense isn’t so common. You have to apply yourself in every aspect, even in the little, most common, most over-looked details.

I’m a very visual person, in order to make change (or get things completed..on time) I need to see how to schedule it. I bought a $5 giant calendar to pin on my wall, (as well as writing in my planner..keeping dates organized in all places) month by month I write each important date down, using stickers or small doodles to make it stand out.

I also, take advantage of class syllabus’; all important dates for exams or assignments needed to know, are given to you!

Not only are these materials great for staying organized visually, but time management is easier to handle! The materials do not do the work for you, and I think that is a big lesson to understand.

From my own experiences and applying these aspects to my life; I can guarantee them to be helpful when used. You have to really want things bad enough to have that drive to be self motivated.

When you take the time to get organized, you’ll find yourself with extra time on your hands… that freedom is satisfying and extremely enjoyable.

Leading into next week: EARLY MORNINGS.