Boss Babe: Enjoy Your ‘Off Days’

It’s true, no one is perfect.

Even the most organized, most motivated people have their ‘off days’. Mine just so happened to be right after an intense weekend, Monday morning at 7:30 am (even though we had a 4 day week). I told myself, it’s just another day you can handle it… but s l e e p …. I’ll shoot a quick email to my professors and my boss and head back to bed. And so I did. I waited for the ‘okay’ replies and slept until about noon. Woke up, got myself together, made some lunch and immediately jumped on my assignments.

C’est la vie..Life happens.

We are meant to take breaks in life, sometimes they are a minor setback, while other times, absolutely necessary. Yes I’ll admit, I got a little lazy, causing me to cancel plans with a friend in that upcoming weekend so I could focus on priorities. That’s what happens and that’s the truth.

Looking back, I’m happy I chose the decision I did because it gave me a lot of time to ‘isolate’ myself to get sh*t done!

When you become self-aware you inevitably realize what you need to do to be successful.

I was actually glad to enjoy some time by myself though, it works out in many ways of getting more accomplished than what you had originally planned.

After I finished my assignments, I ended up finding recipes for meal planning (I got lazy with my ‘healthy lifestyle’ choices and needed to get back into it). I have 4 different dinners to last for each week in October which, saves me money & perfectly proportions my eating habits.

Sometimes a “day off” becomes a time for realization and planning. Like a restart button. Enjoy that.

Thursday will be my last post (for now) in this series: Balancing it All.

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