Boss Babe: Make That Money

Making Money Moves (according to urban dictionary), is used to describe a badass individual who works really hard to make moves in order to elevate their financial success, fame and or status.

I honestly (hate to say it), use this term loosely as a mantra LOL. More or less in a sense of, I know what I want and I’m going to go after it regardless of life challenges.

Alexa (which I don’t have), play 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

I see it, I like it, I want it, I’ll (eventually) get it.

It’s a process and starting small is okay! I didn’t think I would be working while in college but here I am; it’s truly a blessing to even work in a department for my school (the hours are extremely flexible with classes). However, even without the offer from my school, I would have (un-shamefully) checked a job listing for places like Walmart (or other retail stores).

The process isn’t supposed to be easy but I say this over and over; you have to want things bad enough to accept that a successful life comes with difficulties.

The point I’m trying to make is, you have to start early in the game. Sure, going to college is great for furthering education, etc. However, having a job on top of that, gives you more life skills and the capability to balance both (plus, a paycheck is extremely great to have). Which ties in with time management and organization.

Now, onto some real talk; Saving Money. Sure, you’ll feel like the rich b*tch you are but do you really need that new outfit? (sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself). I had to rebuild my wardrobe after losing some weight so yes, for me that was necessary however, that doesn’t mean each paycheck I need to spend every single penny. I have plans for Christmas vacation with my family, I don’t have a car, saving for my college loans, and my best friend and I want to move in together.

It’s important to build this now, your future self will thank you. So start by giving yourself an allowance, if you have enough self control you won’t need to restrict yourself to a savings account (although, I highly recommend). Just because it’s available, does not mean you should spend.

Start remembering that memories are more important to make rather than materialistic items; there are plenty of free, or cheap things to do in life by yourself or with others. It is key to understand that if you want that huge house with a gorgeous front yard (or whatever your dreams may be) you need to go out and get that job, it’s okay to start small but start thinking of the bigger picture. If you want that C.E.O position, go for it! All it takes is building to get there.

Next Tuesday: Enjoying Your ‘Off Days’.

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