Boss Babe: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a WOMAN healthy, wealthy, and wise

Fixing your sleep pattern is tough, I get it. However, quit making excuses and just do it!

I remember the nights of staying up until 3am wasting away with my thoughts. Waking up around noon (in actuality 2pm) the next day. I felt tired, gross, and rushed.

I had wasted a day of my precious life, a day that I didn’t mean to make lazy (not needed for my mental health). (No, it’s not that serious but it’s a great way of reasoning).

In theory, I thought; why keep putting stress on myself? This is my life, I decide where I want to lead. So I began with no eating past 6pm (went along with my healthy lifestyle progress), getting to bed by 9pm (being asleep at least by 10pm), and waking up for daily walks around 6am.

Becoming a ‘morning person’ wasn’t my goal, it was the idea of using my days and my time wisely. Personally, I’m a night owl but with school, work, balancing friendships, and my ‘me time’, wasted days became an issue.

Having that morning time be my ‘me time’ for watching the news, having breakfast, getting a tiny workout in, etc. It wasn’t easy switching my body to this schedule but somehow, I made it work.

Time is one of the best parts about life; but when we feel rushed, we don’t enjoy every moment, we feel like we are unable to accomplish great things.

The reactions I get from telling my friends that I start my days around 5am are quite funny to me. “I could never”, “you’re out of your mind”, “how do you function?”

It’s simple; get to sleep early you’ll end up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. I have since realized that if it hits a certain hour in the night and I still need to complete an assignment, it’s best for me to get some sleep and wake up early rather than push myself into those late hours.

This leads into my next topic: Making Money. Everything is a butterfly effect, once you start preparing now it will lead you to an extremely successful life (or so, I’m noticing).

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