Boss Babe: Organize Yourself

Time Management & Organization

I have always taken pleasure in writing something down and crossing it off once completed. Sure, I could write what I need to do in an online planner or my notes in my phone, but going along with my ‘goals’, having things written out is visually pleasing to see how much I am able to accomplish; I can turn back the pages of the past month and review how much effort was applied.

This planner holds my entire life; important dates, plans, homework, office work, errands I need to run. If there is anything to know about my life, it would be in this trusty little notebook.

As you can see, I consider myself “messy but organized”. Take a bedroom for example; walking through someone else’s room and seeing things scattered here and there, you ask the person “do you have (an object) that I could borrow?” You see them scan the room, ponder, and immediately find the thing you wanted. That is my planner, “messy but organized“.

Having a planner goes hand in hand with time management. This is a HUGE connection to being successful.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “this is self-explanatory, this is common-sense, why even bring this up?” To answer that: common-sense isn’t so common. You have to apply yourself in every aspect, even in the little, most common, most over-looked details.

I’m a very visual person, in order to make change (or get things completed..on time) I need to see how to schedule it. I bought a $5 giant calendar to pin on my wall, (as well as writing in my planner..keeping dates organized in all places) month by month I write each important date down, using stickers or small doodles to make it stand out.

I also, take advantage of class syllabus’; all important dates for exams or assignments needed to know, are given to you!

Not only are these materials great for staying organized visually, but time management is easier to handle! The materials do not do the work for you, and I think that is a big lesson to understand.

From my own experiences and applying these aspects to my life; I can guarantee them to be helpful when used. You have to really want things bad enough to have that drive to be self motivated.

When you take the time to get organized, you’ll find yourself with extra time on your hands… that freedom is satisfying and extremely enjoyable.

Leading into next week: EARLY MORNINGS.

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