Boss Babe: Goal Setting + Self Motivation

Welcome to My Weekly Journal: Boss Babe!

Each Thursday I will share my experiences in becoming successful & some simple tips, so you too, can be the best boss babe!

Have you ever sat in your bed, or your couch (if you’re lucky to make it out into the living room) and just waste your day watching your favorite flix? Stuffing your face, being lazy, no motivation? Yeah, me too. That all changed for me when I knew that I needed to start building my life.

After a rough sophomore year in college, 2 months before my 20th birthday (May 2019) I decided to take charge with setting some goals. I kept thinking big; wanting to live in Australia, what age I wanted to be to start a family (yeah big big dreams). But, reality hit me, I CANNOT REACH THOSE GOALS UNTIL I CREATE A PATH TO GET THERE.

So here’s where I started: by taking a shower, drinking a giant glass of water, sitting at my kitchen table with a pen and pad.

Here was my list (disclaimer: these were/are my personal goals I set, by no means do they directly line to becoming ‘successful’ however, pay attention to YOUR NEEDS): daily morning walks, reading books, painting, saving $ (for a vacation), eating healthier (smaller potions are key, I tried intermittent fasting on top of exercises), getting closer with my faith, and changing my major (I was in a bad mental state of contemplating dropping out, but there are OPTIONS).

For 2 months I was ‘on a roll’! It was like a star exploding, shattering little glimmers into the galaxy. By my 20th birthday (July 2019) I had; the routine of a healthy lifestyle, waking up early to go on walks, been baptized, had read 4 books and that day I received a job offer in the department that I had switched my major into.

All it takes is tiny plans to mass produce a great life. Day by day, week by week, month by month. Work your way up to those big steps.

Today, (September 2019) I still set those goals for myself: I have a giant calendar in my bedroom with my monthly schedule, I wear professional clothing (not only for my job; my outfits reflect my mood.. look professional, act professional, be professional, that’s the mantra, I also wake up each week day around 5:00AM, making my bed every morning, eating 3 healthy meals with tiny snacks in between, and getting to bed around 10:00PM.

Setting even the tiniest of goals could help you be successful.

My planner is also my entire life, I write just about anything and everything that I’ll have to do in that tiny notebook. It is a solid way to map out things like work, school, social.. WRITE ALL YOUR GOALS.

Mapping out exactly where you want to head in life is a great start; but the best way is to start small then increase your goals to match the reality of your life. In the end, you’ll end up enjoying life so much more. You will learn that with time management and organization *wink, wink* (NEXT WEEKS POST) you can actually find time to ‘relax’ and watch that movie or go out with friends. SET REALISTIC GOALS TO ACHIEVE.

Self motivation is KEY. Inspire yourself, believe in your goals… life has it’s difficulties.. start with making your bed.

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed… If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.

William H. McRaven

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