All About Myself

As a Coastal Carolina University student I originally went in with the focus on marine science, now focusing on ‘journalism’/communications (still planning to incorporate marine science in my writing).

At 21 years old I never thought I’d see the day where I’d publicly put myself out in this big, beautiful world of writing. I’ve always been a private person however, when it came to my writing I felt comfortable enough to share.

From the age of 9 I knew that I always wanted to be a shark biologist this suddenly changed once I realized, that the content was not exactly what I wanted to focus on, and I was losing passion and interest, in the field it’s a different story but break it down and it’s much more complex than it seems at surface level.

I completed 2 years of CCU in the marine science program until I knew I needed to change my major (my best skills are in communication, quick thinking/responding, and writing).

I still have the love of marine science however, knowing I can enter the field by using my strengths gave me so much more hope. My current plan is to graduate with a degree in English, and hopefully work for a non profit.

I previously was an author for the online magazine HerCampus; check out my articles here.

Aside from the research portion; you’ll find my blog will cover lifestyle. (Honestly, using this blog mainly for hobby reasons because I love writing).

happy reading ❤

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